Onboarding 3.0

Onboarding 3.0

This revolutionary solution enables all industries to offer services and acquire customers securely and remotely through diverse ecosystems.

Integrating video KYC and fully compliant conferencing capabilities streamlines and protects the onboarding process.

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They trust and rely on Onboarding 3.0

Expedite Secure Digital Onboarding

Onboarding 3.0 allows all institutions to transform customer acquisition through rapid, compliant video KYC integration on mobile devices. This simplified process enhances security, convenience, and satisfaction by enabling identity verification and service signup remotely via multiple devices - accelerating digital growth through trusted, future-ready experiences.

Identity Validation

99%+ identity fraud reduction with multi-factor validation. Proof of life. Biometrical facial comparison. ID authentication (50+ forensic tests for 190+ country IDs). And blacklist check with several databases.


ID verification proces through personalized forms, video recording, speech-to-text, suspicious conduct detection, explicit user consent and extraction of data from 190+ countries IDs to restrict accepted ID types and validate data


Automated document creation based on KYC forms. Video signature recording, guaranteeing 100% signer attribution. Proof of conservation.

Why we are the ultimate trusted solution

All companies can now be efficiently extended to customers anywhere, driving accessibility and convenience while upholding stringent security protocols.
User Onboarding Automation
Revolutionize new user journeys with our intelligent automation solution, dramatically reducing account creation and identity verification processes and tailoring compliant workflows for frictionless user experiences.
KYC (Know Your Customer)
A compliance process that enables businesses to verify customer identities during onboarding securely. Integrating video KYC capabilities aids institutions in preventing fraud by ensuring transactions are legally compliant.
Safeguard Operations with Integrated Risk Intelligence
Our real-time fraud prevention and risk monitoring dashboards powered by AI and machine learning provide actionable insights that enable regulatory adherence and avert threats. Our technology offers predictive intelligence for future-proof growth, whether it’s fraud, AML, or broader risk.
Immediate Integration
SDK and API for secure and immediate integration with cloud or on premise solutions. You can obtain all the data captured from the user, as well as the results of the validation process, video conference records and signed documents.
Legal Compliance in less than 7 minutes
Onboarding 3.0 complies with the best practices for KYC/AML on processes for customer knowledge and the prevention of money laundering, the UNCITRAL Model Laws for Electronic Commerce (United Nations), the new eIDAS regulation, and others.
Globally Available
Our solutions ensure compliance that operates in each country and respect local data protection laws. We are strategically present in 10 countries and our solutions are used in 130+ countries.