We deploy
HI-TECH SOLUTIONS in order to have a more trustable world

Since 2005 we have been developing and integrating the best technologies in the world to create unique user experiencies for your customers, guaranteeing full security in all  your transactions.

Recognized by industries authorities worldwide:

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose our solutions

Proven experience

We have been in the market for over 17 years, investing in advanced technologies and qualified professionals specially prepared to offer the best strategies and complete and personalized solutions for your business.

Founded in 2005, we are the best option in the market for security.
We are the technology company that changed the financial sector in Mexico.
We have more than 200 specialized collaborators to guarantee the best experience.
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Patented technology

Our technology is recognized by the number of patents, in addition to receiving several awards in three categories: Technology, Innovation and Security.

Our multi-biometric technology is patented and certified by iBeta.
We are winners of the North America Business award in the Most Innovative Digital Identification Solution category.
For 5 consecutive years we have won the Socially Responsible Company award.
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We are global

Today, we are a global company, leader in multi-biometric solutions, with offices in 7 countries and 10 locations around the world, 300 customers and about 200 employees.

We are strategically present in 7 countries in the Americas: United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru.
With our headquarters in Mexico City, we have offices in over 10 countries, including Europe.
We are the technology company that changed the financial sector in Mexico, and we are transforming every segment around the world.
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Ensuring the security of your company is our specialty

The only multi-biometric platform in the cloud designed to validate the identity of users.

Validate the identity of your users with government institutions and register with a biometric mechanism: voice, fingerprints and facial biometrics. Reduce identity theft fraud by over 99%.


Single voice, digital, graphoscopy and faces biometric engine in the cloud with validation in government and private bureaus, with background check in more than 1.500 global sources.

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Solutions to accelerate the offer of financial products and services remotely.

Do this using just a smartphone, with the capabilities of video recording or video conferencing, complying with KYC regulations.


We design and implement onboarding journeys based on Customer Centered User eXperience using the best technology in the world.

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A set of products with international legal validity, used in more than 100 countries.

It guarantees more than 99% of the attribution of the signatory's identity in the execution of any digital contract, through a patented process that incorporates blockchain technology.


World's most secure electronic signature platform used in over 100 countries with international patent. Close high-value deals with facial biometrics and graphoscopy.

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They trust us

"The NAAT.Tech platform allowed us to fulfill our digital onboarding objectives, complying with the regulations for opening business accounts."

Juan Meneses Terán

Tranformation Program Manager, HSBC

"With NAAT.Tech we achieved the challenge of signing contracts in a secure, simple and 100% digital way, in line with our values."

Ulises Espinosa

CIO, Prudential

What they say about us