Cloud Identity

Guarantee secure access to your services without fraud

This premier cloud-based platform is uniquely designed for multi-biometric identity validation, securing digital interactions through unmatched accuracy. Seamlessly integrating voice, fingerprint, and facial recognition provides over 99% precision in authenticating users and mitigating identity fraud.

Leading Brands Trust Our Cloud Identity Solutions

Secure and Streamlined Identity Verification

Cloud Identity is a premier cloud-based multi-biometric identity verification and validation platform. This solution offers best-in-class security, efficiency, and compliance by integrating voice, fingerprints, and facial recognition with government issued IDs, and credentialed third-party databases.

Hosted fully in the cloud while incorporating gold-standard authentication protocols, Cloud Identity establishes new benchmarks for fraud prevention, trust, and accessibility across institutions.

Biometric Verification
Verify users with unparalleled accuracy via fingerprint, facial, and iris biometrics recognition, integrating public and private identity data sources. This future-proof multi-layered approach offers global compliance and the highest identity protection standards.
Government-Issued ID's Authentication
Through proprietary technology, instantly authenticate government-issued IDs, including passports, visas, and licenses from 190+ countries. Wide-reaching compatibility with local regulations powers seamless cross-border transactions and travel experiences.
Identity Verification
Measure what matters with unparalleled easy-to-use reports. You can filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.

Identity validation that reduces 99% of fraud risks.

Protect your company, transactions and your customers with Cloud Identity!
In an increasingly digitalized world, security and trust are essential.

Our solution is designed to ensure that your products and services are accessible only to the right people, while helping you comply with legal regulations.

Multi-Biometric Capture

Government issued ID, capturing and extracting data from 4700+ IDs from 190+ countries; Face, 3D life test; Fingerprint; Voice; and Iris.

ID Data Validation

Validation with government institutions, comparison of the extracted data from the ID and biometric elements.

Enrollment to Bases

Deduplication, to ensure that the user data is not in the identity base; Identity bases, storage in ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) for biographical data and fingerprint and face biometrics.

Identity Validation

OTP from SMS, WhatsApp or email; Geolocation; Speech to text; Device information; Suspicious Conduct, Validation with global blacklists

Tailor-Made Security

Cloud Identity solutions adapts tho the level of protection that your company needs.

Compliance Simplified

Aligned with global standards and local statues, easing regulatory navigation for identity verification.