FAD Suite

Fad Suite

Leveraging innovative processes, Biometric Agreement pioneers digital agreements through over 99% accurate signatory identity verification.

By enhancing security, optimizing enrollment, and enabling seamless signatures, Biometric Agreement makes digital transactions efficient yet highly trustworthy.

Trusted Globally,
with millions of signatures in 130+ countries.

Our set of solutions with the best multibiometric technology

This Advanced Electronic Signature uses cutting-edge technology, combining face, fingerprint biometrics, voice recognition, and graphoscopic analysis to ensure authenticity. It also makes sure that comprehensive multi-factor authentication and government compliance are achieved.

Liveness Test
Ensure the integrity of user verification with real-time liveness tests. This step confirms the individual's physical presence, thwarting spoofing and deepfake attempts for a layer of advanced and necessary security.
ID Biometric Validation
Leverage sophisticated algorithms to validate government-issued IDs, confirming authenticity and matching them to the user. This process underpins trust and safety in every digital interaction.
Video Signature
Incorporate a patented video signature mechanism for dynamic and legally binding consent. This innovative approach captures intent and identity, reinforcing the validity of digital agreements.

Global Innovation in Trust: Securing Electronic Signatures Against Fraud.

Experience unmatched security, legal validity, and efficiency in digital processes with Biometric Agreement. Our pioneering identity protection blends innovative technology, advanced biometrics, and a robust ecosystem of authentication factors to guarantee compliant, binding and effortlessly scalable Advanced Electronic Signatures, contracts and transactions.

The Future of Biometric Contracts

Our process integrates blockchain technology with biometric verification, setting a new standard for secure, efficient, and legally binding digital contracts across the globe.

Unparalleled Security

Biometric Agreement empowers industries to rapidly adopt tamper-proof digital contracts by integrating patented innovations for pioneering biometric security systems, achieving 99%+ accuracy in identity verification.

Used in more than 130+ countries

Our multi-factor authentication frameworks offers unparalleled encryption and legal recognition standards globally,

Simple to Use

Enable seamless adoption of instantly verifiable and accessible contracts grounded in breakthrough levels of end-to-end security, accessibility and trust across contracting ecosystems.